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While on Sayana questions

Can Sayana Press change my periods?

This may happen. Most women using Sayana Press will experience a change in their bleeding patterns. According to a clinical study, some women experience irregular bleeding with 60% of women experiencing little or no bleeding after 12 months of use.

I’m worried about gaining weight, what can I expect?

Every woman reacts to Sayana Press differently. Studies have shown that after one year’s use, 38% of women put on more than 2.2kgs of weight, 50% remained within 2.2kgs of their initial body weight and 12% lost more than 2.2kgs from their initial body weight.

I missed an injection or my injection appointment, what should I do?

For Sayana Press to be most effective it MUST be given every 12-13 weeks and no later than 14 weeks past your last injection.

If you are on holiday or not able to get your next injection before it is due, you should use alternative contraception once the 13 weeks are up and until you can get another injection. You will need to speak to your doctor or nurse before going back on Sayana Press as they will need to make sure that you are not pregnant before giving you a new prescription.

Will I get any skin reactions to Sayana Press?

Injection site reactions (including pain, tenderness, lump, persistent skin indentation/dimpling) may occur. You may feel some soreness or see redness around the injection site immediately after an injection. Mild reactions like this are common. If you get a reaction that worries you in any way, is particularly painful, or does not get better after a short time please talk to your doctor.

Is there an increased risk of cancer?

There is no overall increased risk of ovarian, liver or cervical cancer, according to a long-term study of women using Sayana Press. It actually showed that Sayana Press creates a positive, protective effect that helps reduce the risk of endometrial cancer in the womb.

What about breast cancer? Breast cancer is rare among women under 40 years of age whether or not you use hormonal contraceptives like Sayana Press. In fact, only 1 in 10,000 women under 20 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. You should know that taking Sayana Press can slightly increase your risk of breast cancer, but the additional risk is extremely small — less than 1 in 10,000 women if you’re under 20 and 2-3 in 10,000 if you’re under 30.

Does Sayana Press have an effect on bone health?

There is a chance that bones can become thinner when you take Sayana Press. Why? The levels of minerals in the bones can be reduced, making them thinner. The loss of minerals does level out over time. There tends to be a greater loss in the first 2-3 years of using Sayana Press. This effect isn’t permanent. Bone mineral density tends to stabilise after this period and there appears to be an increase in mineral levels when Sayana Press is stopped.

If you use Sayana Press, it may help your bones if you take regular weight-bearing exercise and have a healthy diet, making sure you get enough calcium from dairy products and vitamin D from oily fish.

Does Sayana Press have an effect on bone health in teenagers (up to 18 years)?

Normally, the bones of teenagers are rapidly growing and increasing in strength. The stronger the bones are when adulthood is reached, the greater the protection against osteoporosis in later life. Since Sayana Press may cause teenage bones to become thinner at a time when they should be growing, its effect may be particularly important in this age group. Bones start to recover when Sayana Press is stopped, but it is not yet known whether the bone mineral density reaches the same levels as it would have if Sayana Press had never been used.

Teenagers should discuss whether another form of contraception might be more suitable with the person who provides your contraception before starting Sayana Press.

What if I don’t want to continue Sayana Press?

You can stop using Sayana Press at any time. If you decide it is no longer for you, remember to use an alternative contraceptive once the 13 weeks are up, unless you want to become pregnant.

Can my Sayana Press expire?

Sayana Press can stay on shelves for up to 5 years after the date of production, when unopened. Check the Sayana Press pack to confirm the expiry date. Once opened the product should be used immediately or discarded.

What temperature should I store Sayana Press?

Sayana Press should be stored at room temperature. It must not be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Starting with Sayana questions

How does Sayana Press work?

1. By preventing an egg being released from the ovaries during your menstrual cycle

If no egg is released it cannot become fertilised by sperm and result in a pregnancy

2. By causing changes in the lining of your womb

Makes it less likely for pregnancy to occur

3. Thickening the mucus at the entrance of the womb

Makes it more difficult for sperm to get through

How effective is Sayana Press?
Is it okay to breastfeed and take Sayana Press?
I’ve just had a baby, how soon can I start Sayana Press?

If you’ve had a baby, Sayana Press can be given 5 days after childbirth if you are not breastfeeding.

If you are prescribed Sayana Press immediately after giving birth you may be more likely to experience heavy or prolonged periods. If you are concerned about this, or any other aspect of your treatment, please see your doctor or nurse straight away.